59,00 DKK

Dette Ballistol rensemiddel bruges til særligt urene løb, er effektiv mod kobber og bly aflejringer, angriber ikke flader af stål, nickel og krom. 65 ml.


Robla-Solo helps maintain the accuracy of the gun and prolong its lifespan.

Robla-Solo consists of a special combination of elements, which include ammonia. Robla-Solo is not only capable of removing remnants of copper, tombac and zinc, but also lead (the archenemy of a weapon's precision and accuracy), steel, chrome and nickel are indifferent to Robla-Solo.

In case of strong metal residue plug the barrel at one end with a cork or a stopper and fill the barrel with Robla-Solo. Allow for a couple of hours, overnight, to let Robla-Solo do its job. If the barrel is only slightly fouled, simply pull through a tow (Sucol, Sucolin or Sucolin Extra) or felt stopper soaked with Robla-Solo several times.

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